’The thriller turns pharmaceuticals into sheer entertainment, with the protagonist hounded by individuals who apparently want her dead. It’s a sequel, picking up six days after the last novel, but knowledge of the preceding book isn’t a necessity. Justine skillfully recaps for new readers without excessively retreading for those familiar with the storyline. The author injects mystery and suspense into a tale of feuding drug companies.’ ~ Kirkus Review

’As the second novel in the trilogy, the book skillfully brings readers up to speed on prior events without repeating unnecessary details from the first volume, Traitors from Inside Out. Fans of M. M. Justine’s The Traitor’s Trilogy will find sufficient reason to clamor for volume three. Other lovers of the mystery-romance genre, particularly those interested in an intriguing and terrifyingly plausible premise, also will find Traitors Unleashed a satisfying read.’ ~ Foreword Reviews

’With its strong female protagonist and sinister conspiracy, Traitors Unleashed fits the mold of recently successful Scandinavian crime novels. It’s central conflict may appeal to fans of suspense fiction’ ~ BlueInk Review

’Astounding writing, a gripping plot coupled with authentic and raw emotional details.’ ~ Elizabeth Tasumba

’Traitors Unleashed is a thought-provoking novel. It stayed with me.’ Shifa Sarguru

’Suspense and intrigue from beginning to end makes Traitors Unleashed a captivating read.’ ~ Vernice Aure

’A well written book. The narrative is balanced and the tense dialog flows advancing the plot, giving depth and suspense to the story. I am glad I have found my favourite author, M.M Justine,’ ~ Lori P. Kove

’Congratulations to the author, M. M Justine who wrote this intriguing and terrfying thriller with a plausible premise it could well happen in reality.’ ~ James Cobb