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Traitors Unleashed Press Release Article


Press Release for Traitors From Inside Out


by BWW News Desk Jun. 21, 2016

The medical industry is full of labyrinthine rules, codes, and protocols – from the intricacies of health insurance, to pharmaceutical regulations, to the opaque nature of the research and development of new medicines, it’s nearly impossible to develop a thorough understanding of even one aspect of the healthcare industry. All of this confusion provides ample opportunity for corner cutting, improper conduct, and worse.

M.M. Justine traveled the world in hopes of gaining a deeper sense of what makes the best, most effective healthcare systems in the world. Instead, she found the stuff of nightmares – a general deterioration of services across the globe. Justine’s observations inspired her new medical thriller, “Traitors from Inside Out” – a tale of corruption and conspiracy that may change humanity as we know it.

“With the onset of globalization, the small man has become nothing but a tool to be exploited, dominated and controlled by corporations,” Justine said. “The individual must stand up for his own health.”

Justine’s research and travels have opened her eyes to the possibilities of alternative medicine and encouraged her to seek out natural products, as opposed to the latest and greatest technological advances.

“Unfortunately, much of my book was inspired by real-life events,” Justine said. “Too many corporations and governments are taking advantage of people, and too few individuals are thinking for themselves.”

For more information, visit https://www.mmjustine.com/

Traitors from Inside Out
By M.M. Justine
ISBN: 978-1-49180-143-7
Available in softcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author
M.M.Justine has travelled widely; she has lived, studied and worked on four continents. Wherever she has been, she has observed the same waste and deterioration in wellness and healthcare services across continents. Justine currently resides in Sweden with her husband and two children.

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TALK BLOGGER.COM talks to M. M. Justine

Give a short introduction about yourself highlighting the major achievements of your life as a writer.

It had been a lifelong dream to write books, but the idea did not mature until later, after high school. English literature was my favorite subject. I read books in various genres; romance, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction, but suspense and mystery stories were my treasured genre. I decided that in the future I would write a book, but astonishingly I wrote a trilogy.

I wrote the Traitors Trilogy: a medical suspense, thriller, and mystery series:

The Traitors Trilogy received Praises from Trusted Book Experts:


‘Plentiful suspense and an indelible protagonist foster a gratifying medical tale.’ ~ Kirkus Review



’With its strong female protagonist and sinister conspiracy, Traitors Unleashed fits the mold of recently successful Scandinavian crime novels.’ ~ BlueInk Review



The Traitors Trilogy series would make a great movie. The book stayed with me long after I had finished reading it. ~ Candy Catler


In an interview with TALK BLOGGER.COM, M. M. Justine talks about her books, readers, a roaring success, and of course, her thoughts on life! Catch the interesting conversation here!


What motivates you to write?

Ans: Our world has undergone massive changes, and it was mainly the direction of the changes that inspired me to write the Traitors Trilogy. I wanted to create awareness that if we don’t pay attention to our changing world, we will lose our freedom and become nothing but tokens to be controlled and manipulated by corporations and the government.

One reviewer put it so well: “A fiction from facts to educate the unknowing, depicting the turbulent world we live in.”

What was the feeling when your first book got published? How did you handle that moment of glory and self-pride, were people supportive or something else?

Ans: It was a fascinating time to hold the first book in my hands and know that I had shared it with the world. But at the same time, there were feelings of anxiety that readers might not like it. However, I noticed soon enough that the books were generating positive editorial reviews and customer reviews.

People have been very supportive. I am frequently invited to libraries, bookstores, book clubs, and workshops to talk about the Traitors Trilogy. I have done radio interviews too.


How do you take writing novels, as a career or hobby or between both?

Ans: I discovered that writing books is my passion and I am slowly shifting from a corporate job to a full-time writing career.


You must have done a lot of research on the topics and themes you write about. How did you go about it?

Ans: I researched the medical, physiological, and psychological issues of the human body. In any fiction work, if you make a mistake about the facts, your book loses credibility. A well-documented fiction story is distinguished and reads like reality.


What is the best aspect of your writing that you love most?

Ans: I learned that storytelling requires imagination, a unique life experience, and the ability to engage the reader emotionally. I particularly like the creative process where I broaden ideas, change and play with different concepts and views.

Travel has also been an invaluable asset in the creation of the Traitors trilogy. Learning and exploring rich cultural landscapes; rhythms, sounds, and sites have offered a wealth of ideas and memories that I draw from when I write. Things that are interesting, and inspirational, find similarities, and opportunities to connect with the art of writing fiction.


Is getting published traditionally really tough? Share your views.

Ans: I am a self-published author and the little I know about traditional publishing is from what other authors have shared. Getting a traditional contract may take years before the book is published. With self-publishing, you can publish a book in months depending on how quickly you work.


Then, you start working with an Editor on editorial revisions and edit letters, copyedits, line edits, delivery, and acceptance. It may take some 6 months to a year on average to finalise the process.

Ans: There are six major types of editing: developmental editing, evaluation editing, copy editing, proofreading, content editing, and line editing. Usually, I may need only two types of edits: copy editing and proofreading.

But Before I commit to collaborating with an editor, I tell them exactly what my concerns are. The editor then guides me on what kind of edits I need to make.

On average it takes about a year to get the book published.


Tell us about your recently published book or the upcoming book.

Ans: Secrets of Writing Great Fiction, is a non-fiction book, that is in the pipeline for publication next spring. It is a brief guide to help aspiring writers write better and faster while avoiding the mistakes that most novices make. It offers advice, exercises, techniques, and secrets to help budding writers write compelling stories.

There are many new writers out there who are aspiring to get their work published. What would you say to them?

Ans: A strong plot comes from studying other writers and works of literature so that you can use them as building blocks for your story. So, aspiring writers need to read more and read more often. Reading is one of the best ways to generate ideas for your book as well as learn how other authors translate story ideas onto the page

Aspiring writers should prioritize writing, set aside time to write, and write daily.

It is important to come up with an idea you’re passionate about that also interests an audience. Reflect on the entire process, write and complete the book, but write a book worthy of reading and selling.

Anything you wish to add?

Ans: Thankfully, the ending of the trilogy has been very positive and inspiring with readers expressing a desire for the continuation of the series. It warms my heart to hear that, and I promise I will be bringing more enthralling and mind-instilling stories in the near future of what may come if our world continues down the current unpredictable path.


In her spare time, M. M. Justine enjoys theatre, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She continues with her passion and vocation to travel the world and explore the new mysterious world we live in.

M. M. Justine writes fiction novels under the pen name, M. M. Justine, while she writes non-fiction books under her actual name, Justine Magambo.

M. M. Justine is a people person recurrently seeking to connect with readers.


Check out more about her:

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